Russia, Sudan & #Nafeer – روسيا، السودان و #نفير

I’m currently reading “A Russian Diary” by the late journalist Anna Politkovskaya and although I’ve found  numerous similarities between Putin’s Russia and Bashir’s Sudan, this quote struck the hardest: “(o)ne of the reasons for Russia’s social malaise is this diabolical cynicism on the part of the authorities, who peddle a completely fake reality. Russia’s citizens … More Russia, Sudan & #Nafeer – روسيا، السودان و #نفير

Apolitical, now? – غير سياسيين، هسي؟

In the last few weeks, two highly acclaimed videos surfaced online; if you haven’t watched them yet Our Sudan and This is Our Sudan are a must see. Bloggeratti and Twitteratti dissected the former and to some extent the latter on various basis; cinematography, audience, delivery, whether we need to address everything from a political angle, etc.. … More Apolitical, now? – غير سياسيين، هسي؟

A Brewing Spring in Sudan

Originally published on   In 1989, the Revolutionary Command Council for National Salvation, led by then Lieutenant General Omar al Bashir, took over Sudan in a bloodless coup. Almost twenty-four years later, after Bashir’s indictment by the International Criminal Court, it is invigorating to see the Sudanese regime, nicknamed Inqaz (Arabic translation of salvation), … More A Brewing Spring in Sudan