#Strike4Sudan 101…مقدمة #إضراب_للسودان

When I received an e-mail last week that two activists are going on a hunger strike in Washington D.C. to protest the use of violence, massive crackdown on Sudanese activists and media blackout/shut down in light of the recent protest wave in Sudan, I immediately replied “I want to be part of this”. I didn’t think about … More #Strike4Sudan 101…مقدمة #إضراب_للسودان

#Abena #SudanRevolts Media Round-up..ملخص التغطية الإعلامية #أبينا #السودان_ينتفض

Articles up to October 17th, 2013 – مقالات حتى يوم 17 أكتوبر 2013 Sudan is in Revolt. Why Isn’t Anyone Listening? the Christian Science Monitor (Oct 17th, 2013) الحجر الذي أباه البناؤون : الحوار المتمدن (15 أكتوبر 2013 Sudan: the Next Arab Spring Uprising? : US News (Oct 15th 2013) Sudan’s NCP may Scrap Probe Against … More #Abena #SudanRevolts Media Round-up..ملخص التغطية الإعلامية #أبينا #السودان_ينتفض

Russia, Sudan & #Nafeer – روسيا، السودان و #نفير

I’m currently reading “A Russian Diary” by the late journalist Anna Politkovskaya and although I’ve found  numerous similarities between Putin’s Russia and Bashir’s Sudan, this quote struck the hardest: “(o)ne of the reasons for Russia’s social malaise is this diabolical cynicism on the part of the authorities, who peddle a completely fake reality. Russia’s citizens … More Russia, Sudan & #Nafeer – روسيا، السودان و #نفير

Twitter Who?

I had no idea I was talkative, until I saw my tweets hitting 20,000! It’s difficult to find a catchy opening to this blog – which is an extension of my Twitter account, by the way. I’ll just tell you the aim then: 1- share some of my (sometimes) lengthy thoughts and 2- more importantly, absolutely crazy … More Twitter Who?