An Ode to the Informal Sector…القطاع الغير رسمي

This last Ramadan,I was not convinced that hardship was lack of food. It wasn’t even holding my tongue back from vile humor, or reading a few more verses of the Holy Koran, not even praying on time, diligently, pouring over every word. Hardship was in the faces of the ones I passed by in the … More An Ode to the Informal Sector…القطاع الغير رسمي

Economic Insecurity..إنعدام الأمن الإقتصادي

“economic insecurity can relate to the lack of democratic rights and liberties. Indeed, the working of democracy and of political rights can even help to prevent famines and other economic disasters. Authoritarian rulers who are themselves rarely affected by famines (or other economic calamities), tend to lack the incentives to take timely preventative measures. Democratic … More Economic Insecurity..إنعدام الأمن الإقتصادي