Yet Another un-Mubarak Eid

I remember last Eid ul Adha, people were in a horrid state of shock and depression about the massive blow to the popular peaceful uprising in various states in Sudan. The biggest in recent years, it brought a lot of hope, yet left people tethered and exhausted after burying, what seemed like, an endless stream of young men and women who had fallen victim to a vicious and armed-to-the-teeth government backlash.

سموهو عيد شهيد

Almost a year later, Sudan is sinking deeper in a black hole of despair, loss, conflict and absolute backwardness.

I have a few reasons to withhold “happiness” this Eid.

Maryam Yahya: what an embarrassment to the government; one woman managed to cause an international whirlwind and was such a darling at it. She won the battle and many are now aware of the blatant law violations by the institutions that should be administering, guarding and enforcing constitutional laws.

The economy: The US dollar was at 9.40 when I exchanged last week. How is it that we’ve confidently shut down operations for an entire WEEK! That’s effectively NINE days of no banks, no government offices, no trade, nothing!

Only rich countries can afford this sort of economic halt; surprisingly none do it like we do.

*No embassies either, which is one reason why I’m seething these days, but that’s my personal struggle*

Darfur: What can I say? displacement for over decade, changing gender roles and dynamics, militias run the entire region, crime, poverty, lack of services. Rape. If there is anything anyone needs to scream out it’s how women are at the forefront of every war. They suffer the most; imagine you have to farm so your family has something to survive on, while taking care of half a dozen children AND trying to dodge sexual assault by armed militias that rummage towns to assert their control.

For a current overview, read this report.

Petty Crime: I met a cousin a few days ago. Her family has an apartment in Wad Nubawi (Omdurman). She was telling me about the petty criminals that steal phones/money; right in front of her house/street. In her 10 years of living in the apartment, she only witnessed this in the last couple of weeks.

بيت في الفتح في إمدرمان: بس عيد سعيد كيف يا "وطني"؟
بيت في الفتح في أمدرمان: بس عيد سعيد كيف يا “وطني”؟

Ever expanding slums: the huge land masses surrounding the capital, on which people built make-shift homes is…well..huge. I was recently in Al Fatih in Omdurman. There were SO many people, children upon children upon children, but there are barely any transportation services, water was carried by a donkey led by a 12 years old boy.

Now I know that Khartoum doesn’t have that strong of an economy for all these people to be employed there. So what is of them?

Such disparities in social justice are major red flags for any society. If the economic system doesn’t absorb all these displaced people or their lands aren’t made safe for them to return to, we’re looking at a massive crime phenomena.

الجوع كافر

They won’t survive on nothingness forever. All what is needed is for them to organize and we’d be hitting walls with mafias kidnapping, killing, stealing and looting.

الخرطوم كلها حتكون مباحة و مستباحة


We’re ruled by idiots with no proper education,  no vision, no analytical skills and no sympathy.

There is no way to remedy the many grievances unless we remove every single cancerous official and start from scratch.


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