Migritude: The Making

I recently finished a beautiful poetry book titled MIGRITUDE by Shailja Patel. It’s a mix of poetry, story-telling and political history of East Africa. This piece is called The Making (Migrant Song) So I make this work from rage/ for every smug, idiotic face I’ve ever wanted to smash into the carnage of war/ ever … More Migritude: The Making

Economic Insecurity..إنعدام الأمن الإقتصادي

“economic insecurity can relate to the lack of democratic rights and liberties. Indeed, the working of democracy and of political rights can even help to prevent famines and other economic disasters. Authoritarian rulers who are themselves rarely affected by famines (or other economic calamities), tend to lack the incentives to take timely preventative measures. Democratic … More Economic Insecurity..إنعدام الأمن الإقتصادي

Modern War is Total War – الحرب الحديثة هي حرب شاملة

“War has long since ceased to be a direct confrontation between the armed forces of two states. As became clear during the clash between the Allied and the Axis powers in World War II,in America’s Indochina War in the 1960s and 1970s, in its Iraq War in 1991, and then again in its 2003 invasion … More Modern War is Total War – الحرب الحديثة هي حرب شاملة