One of my good friends from Cairo shared his bucket list today and at the top of his to-do travel list he wrote “Experience Sudan”.

We’ve spoken about Sudan a few years ago, about making a travel film there, something about the sea, or was it the mountains? He’s an avid outdoors kind of guy; diving, marathon running, yoga enthusiast, hiking – he’s everything and more.

Now we’re making plans for him to come here sometime soon and part of me is giddy with excitement and the prospect that someone else is looking forward to “experience Sudan”. I’m also anxious, because he will push my boundaries and I love me a good adventure. So, I created a mini to-do list on the side, some historic readings and places we should go to soak up the “experience” beyond the realm of Khartoum and its peripheries.


Doing the rounds with Lamlam, documented in this Instagram story and Satiate*1,was eye-opening. Not only did I venture into places (at times, a shameful radius of less than 1 kilometer from my house) but I was there with an open mind and open heart – taking it all in.


A third friend, this time my darling best-friend, is also due in Khartoum in about 10 days! I must be doing something right if all these friends (and hopefully a lot more) are coming to K-town!

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